Putera Sari

Putera Sari, formerly known as Putera Metal back in 2001, are a progressive rock band well known in the local indie circuit. I hadn’t heard of them before I watched their performance, but take it from me, these guys are the real deal. With influences like The Erwin Gutawa Rokestra, Dream Theatre, Deep Purple and Dire Straits, I’m not surprised. They have great stage presence, and are quite camera friendly. I loved how their bassist was so interactive with the crowd. In the choruses of the songs, they would all come to the front of the stage in a synchronized fashion. They were all really fun to watch.The band members are as follows Nizar Iskandar Talha on bass, Mohammed Nurqayyum Nawi (Karl) on vocals, Abbi Ajiemz on lead guitar, Johairy Talha (Joe) on keyboards, Raimi Hamizan Zakaria on rhythm guitar and Abdul Azim Talha on drums. These guys made my day! Check out their music on Myspace here.

ISO 400, 84mm, f/10 1/200sec

ISO 400, 81mm, f/9.0, 1/200 sec

ISO 400, 50mm, f/7.1 1/200sec

ISO 1600, 70mm, f/7.1, 1/320sec

ISO 1600, 8mm, f/4.0 1/200sec

ISO 1600, 70mm, f/4.0 1/320sec

ISO 1600, 84mm, f/5.0, 1/320 sec

ISO 1600, 70mm, f/4.0, 1/320sec

ISO 1600, 70mm, f/4.0 1/320sec

ISO 1600, 91mm, f/4.5 1/320sec

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