Alina & Karim – Indian Wedding – Day 2

This day was a challenge! Especially from the lighting perspective… The room was really beautiful and very detailed but was quite small, so to get most of the shots I needed to shoot wide. It was also poorly lit which necessitated the use of flash most of the time. Luckily the walls and the roof was white so I bounced the flash most of the time which worked quite well. I’ve noticed a lot of similarity between concert and wedding shooting in that you’re always going for that money shot with the emotion, but then theres also a reportage side to weddings where you also become a journalist documenting stuff.



_MG_6562 _MG_6533 _MG_6615_MG_7027 _MG_7026-2 _MG_6672 _MG_6670 _MG_6688 _MG_6873 _MG_6916 _MG_6919-2 _MG_7046 _MG_7001 _MG_6990 _MG_6961_MG_7052 _MG_7070 _MG_7092 _MG_7124


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