Alina & Karim – Indian Wedding – Day 3

I think out of all the days, this was the most epic – the pithi! For those who don’t know, a pithi in Indian weddings is where the bridegroom gets smeared with a tumeric based paste. Traditionally, the families express their love for the couple by applying the paste affectionately on each other and the couple. Things did get a little crazy on this day, but it was a great spectacle to see.

_MG_7215 _MG_7278 _MG_7195_MG_7296-2 _MG_7347 _MG_7372 _MG_7355_MG_7404_MG_7406_MG_7468_MG_7556 _MG_7535 _MG_7532 _MG_7500 _MG_7503 _MG_7520_MG_7679 _MG_7681 _MG_7729_MG_7752 _MG_7741 _MG_7783_MG_7828 _MG_7840 _MG_7848 _MG_7818

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