My new favourite portrait lens – The Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 DG HSM


This is my first blog post since almost a year of not blogging at all, but in that year a lot has changed and I have learnt a thing or two which I look forward to sharing with you all in future posts. I rarely talk about equipment as I am one of those photographers that believe that its really not about what gear you have. I do know however, a lot of you (photographers) can relate to that moment when every now and again you meet that one person that says “Wow you have a really nice camera, IT must take some really amazing pictures” as if you had no part whatsoever in creating the image. Having said all that, I like to take some time to talk about the new Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 DG HSM I recently purchased for anyone that has been considering this lens. Right off the bat I will tell you get it. JUST GET IT. Don’t think twice. But having actually used this lens during a wedding I shot recently, It is the most practical and useful lens I have in my kit today.

I literally shot a whole wedding with one lens and a flash which I hardly used because this lens is SOO sharp wide open. Almost every shot I took with this lens wide open in daylight was dead on and during the evening while indoors or in dim light performance was just outstanding. Sigma has had a poor reputation over the years when it comes to image/build quality in their previous line of lenses but since their new rebrand, they have certainly taken the steps to go above and beyond just looking at their new lenses on offer. I haven’t used the canon version of this lens which I was also considering but it was way out of my budget so I went for the Sigma and cannot not tell you how happy am I with this lens. To the wedding photographers out there: This is THE lens you want!  The build quality is all poly carbonate with a metal base around where you connect the lens to your camera body. Focussing is super quiet. You can barely hear it and when you do decide to manual focus the dialling is super smooth.

One thing I also liked is the large rubberised grip. I used the canon 50mm f 1.4 as my main lens before and although it is a great lens the small grip was always an issue, if the frequent missing of focus wasn’t bothering you already! Another interesting thing is how close you can get to the subject. The minimum focusing distance is quite low about 30cm so you can get super close to your portrait subjects which for my style of work is awesome! For those of you out there that are considering this lens, I’d say go out and buy it right now! By all means if you do have the extra $500 to spend on the canon/nikon 35mm which are still amazing lenses, go for it, but you would be paying more for the same if not better image quality. The thing that sold it for me with this lens was that getting more and more of your images in focus with this lens than the other two lenses for 500 bucks cheaper!

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To the wedding photographers out there: This is THE lens you want!


Its a no brainer for me. It’s still early days but at the moment this is my go to lens for portraits now. Here are some of my favourites with this lens. Goodluck fellow shooters and feel free to share your thoughts/experiences with this lens or the canon/nikon versions as well.

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  1. Peter Ndungu

    Amazing shots! Got nothing to say on the lens though.

  2. Vera

    Beautiful Work.
    Looking forward to more of your work. 🙂

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