360 Degrees Pizza

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360 Degrees Pizza is the latest restaurant in Nairobi to offer gourmet artisan pizza to the local market. Their pizza quite literally brings a taste of Italy home with the hand picked ingredients carefully combined and then baked in a wood-fired oven to create an original and authentic taste offered nowhere else in the city. You can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas but they also offer other popular Italian dishes as well. If you’re big on pizza and haven’t tried this place out yet, check it out! I shot this using a speedlite on a phottix softbox with phottix triggers. At the time I was also using the canon 50mm f1.8  and 24-105mmL for the interior shots.



Louis Nderi Photography_-3Louis Nderi Photography_-4

Louis Nderi Photography_-17 Louis Nderi Photography_-18 Louis Nderi Photography_-19 Louis Nderi Photography_-21   Louis Nderi Photography_-5 Louis Nderi Photography_-6  Louis Nderi Photography_-9 Louis Nderi Photography_-10Louis Nderi Photography_-2Louis Nderi Photography_-11Louis Nderi Photography_-7

Louis Nderi Photography_-22

Louis Nderi Photography_-24Louis Nderi Photography_-12 Louis Nderi Photography_-13   Louis Nderi Photography_






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