What you know about Indian Weddings?


I always look forward to taking photos at an Indian wedding because you are always sure its going to be a whole lot of fun. I don’t know what it is about these weddings but it’s like everyone can dance, and even if you can’t dance, as long as your hands are in the air, and your hips are swaying back and forth, side to side, it’ll look like you’re having the time of your life!! I only covered about two days, but had a complete blast from start to finish. There is a certain ambiance to these kind of weddings that you don’t experience anywhere else, maybe it was the sound of the tablas drumming, or  maybe it was the the food. It’s like you’re transported to into India for the time you are there and it is so great because for that time I totally took my mind off of everything else and just enjoyed interacting with everyone.  The locations shown below are SSD near brookside drive, the Visa Oshwal, Marula Manor and The Villa Rosa Kempinski  in Westlands on Waiyaki way. A big thank you goes out to Kunaal and Neeral for letting me be a part of this truly wonderful experience.[hr style=”dotted”]

Louis Nderi Photography_-2Louis Nderi Photography_-4 Louis Nderi Photography_-5 Louis Nderi Photography_-118Louis Nderi Photography-  Louis Nderi Photography_-28 Louis Nderi Photography_-20Louis Nderi Photography_-18 Louis Nderi Photography_-29Louis Nderi Photography_-30Louis Nderi Photography_-21 Louis Nderi Photography_-15 Louis Nderi Photography_-16

Louis Nderi Photography_-33

Louis Nderi Photography_-17

Louis Nderi Photography_-14

Louis Nderi Photography_-24Louis Nderi Photography_-39Louis Nderi Photography_-40

Louis Nderi Photography_-37

Louis Nderi Photography_-44

Louis Nderi Photography_-42Louis Nderi Photography_-83Louis Nderi Photography--Louis Nderi Photography_-66

Louis Nderi Photography_-95

Louis Nderi Photography_-93 Louis Nderi Photography_-100

Louis Nderi Photography_-91

Louis Nderi Photography_-90

Louis Nderi Photography_-101

Louis Nderi Photography_-111

Louis Nderi Photography_-110Louis Nderi Photography_-113

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  1. Peter Ndungu

    Amazing! Great stuff Louis!

  2. Wambui

    You did such a perfect job! Well done! So beautiful!!

  3. Hanika Patel

    Loving the colors! Keep up your passion Louis 🙂



  5. Alex Gabriel

    Great work Louis…just perfect.


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