Beach weddings are cool


A little close to a month ago, my friend  Terilyn Lemaire and myself shot a wedding in one of the most beautiful coastal destinations Kenya has to offer – Diani. With picturesque cerulean coastlines and creamy white beaches, it is hard to imagine a wedding being any more beautiful. It was also my first ‘destination’ wedding which was really fun, we totally enjoyed the wonderful hospitality from Leopard Beach Resort, which I cannot recommend enough if you find yourself in Diani soon. The wedding started in the afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun, and continued all through to the evening followed by a party on the beach. Jason and Ghoncheh were a joy to work with and to photograph. A big congratulations goes out to them and on their future together. [hr style=”dotted”]


Louis Nderi Photography_-2

Louis Nderi Photography_-4

Louis Nderi Photography_-6

Louis Nderi Photography_-8

Louis Nderi Photography_-9

Louis Nderi Photography_--1


Louis Nderi Photography_-20

Louis Nderi Photography_-22

Louis Nderi Photography_-24

Louis Nderi Photography_-25

Louis Nderi Photography_-31

Louis Nderi Photography1-1

Louis Nderi Photography_-44

Louis Nderi Photography_-47

Louis Nderi Photography_-49Louis Nderi Photography 1-2

Louis Nderi Photography_-62

Louis Nderi Photography_-61

Louis Nderi Photography-1

Louis Nderi Photography-2


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